For 50 years Danmar Warrior shaped the history of wrestling!

Hard to believe all the transformations that  our company went through to reach our 50th Anniversary!  From a partnership of two men, John Marchello a two-time All American Wrestler at University of Michigan and Harlan Danner, a gymnastics coach and business partner, a viable company was formed. For the first 20 years we manufactured wrestling equipment, putting out as much as 1,000 wrestling headgear a day. These were sold through a distributor, Cliff Keen, and we supplied the majority of wrestling headgear to high schools and colleges nationwide. As times began to change in the 1980’s and athletic companies moved to overseas for less expensive labor and materials, we branched out into some other fields to keep American jobs. Taking our knowledge of head protection, we established a line of products for people with disabilities to help them function with less injuries. I purchased the company in 1987 and worked to regain wrestling sales. Our passion for wrestling never left and we kept going– on a very small scale to supply the wrestlers with the highest quality and most durable parts. We have patented many wrestling headgear and the newest Face Guard Half Mask. Now we branched into all types of uniforms and fundraising products to better serve schools and teams. Our unique embedded logo opened up a whole new opportunity for us the offer your artwork, team emblems, awards and personal achievements. The process adds designs that have a chemical and mechanical bond that means they will not crack or peel off. This means no bacteria can adhere to surfaces either so skin rashes are less of a problem. Why do I love wrestling?  I wasn’t a wrestler–when I was in school the closest girls could get to the mat was to be a Cheerleader or Mat Maid. • Because I see first hand how exciting it is to watch kids learn their potential. Both boys and girls are understanding what hard work means, what teamwork means and what respect for yourself and others means. • Because I see first hand how hard all the coaches and referees work from entry level through the collegiate level  programs. They never stop learning themselves, with new rules and regulations each season. • Because I see first hand proud parents supporting their kids whether they win or lose. Families all show up for tournaments and to do volunteer work. • Because I see first hand how keeping jobs here in American impacted our employees and their families. Its the ripple effect of positive spending for cars, housing food and stability that everybody needs. Thank you sincerely for every order and for the confidence you have placed in us to deliver what we promise to deliver. Thank you ALL for taking the time to give us feedback, input and sending us your success stories. It really does make all our efforts worthwhile when we hear that we did help YOU to make a difference. Karen Lindner Owner Danmar Warrior

New clothing designs for 2017

This year is a milestone for Danmar Warrior. We started our company manufacturing wrestling headgear 50 years ago. On our golden anniversary, we will be launching new clothing in our store. Along with this we will have the ability to have custom screen printed clothing for all sports! Check out some of these great designs that are out now! Click on any of the images to view the product.
Danmar Warrior Batman Tee Shirt Danmar Products Wrestling Tee