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  1. Carl

    I’ve been involved with wrestling since 1984, and without a doubt Danmar is the best in the business when it comes to headgears. They are made with great craftsmanship and precision, my son will never wear anything but Danmar headgears. Not to mention they’re at the forefront when it comes to new and improved technology. I am a Danmar warrior.

  2. Greg

    My daughter has been wrestling for 5 years now and has tried several brands of headgear. After trying danmar headgear there is no going back. She loves the soft ear padding along with the comfort and fit. A bonus for the coaches, Reese can hear them now During a match. A negative for her no more excuses that she did not hear them lol.

  3. William Hayes

    danmar headgear are the real deal!! If Kyle Dake, tony Ramos,
    Adeline Gray, and Helen Maroulis put there name behind them that’s enough for me. I can’t believe the ability to hear better!! The Guarantee and the no minimum order are awesome! Mat-Time Weekly fully supports DanMar Warrior! You should too! Willie my son is getting a custom one ordered soon.

  4. Kyle minor

    Headgear feels really good can hear a lot better out of them than any other! Well made!!

  5. Michael lineberger

    I tried the head lock and I thought it was good because it stayed it place and I didn’t get marks on my forehead

  6. Anthony

    It’s the best I’ve ever worn it’s fits so well my ears have never felt better

  7. joe

    I’m a member of a wrestling club that’s been around for 35 years. Last season our wrestlers purchased customized headgear with our team logo, the art work was exactly what we asked for. The durability of the headgear is second to none, and the service we received was exceptional. With out a question we will continue to work with Danmar for our clubs headgear needs for years to come.

  8. Kirsten

    Phenomenal company to work with!! Ordered two custom headgear for my two youth wrestlers. Customer Service was fantastic and very personable!! Danmar took the time to complete the order to my 100% satisfaction. Just had a tournament last weekend and the boys loved their headgear. In the past they would not want to wear headgear and this past weekend they didn’t want to take the headgear off!! They said it was comfortable on their ears, they can hear, and they love the way it looks! Their coaches were also very impressed with the headgear. I highly recommend Danmar Warrior for your wrestling needs!!

  9. Carl h.

    my son hated to wear his head gear. Sense we got danmar warrior I don’t hear the complaining. The art work was spot on and still looks good after 2 years

  10. Bryan Bogren

    I had lots of fun designing my teams headgear. The customer service was second to none, and the website made it so easy to design. Definitely be back!

  11. Michael Angelo

    Tremendous headgear. Bought two of these for my boys and they absolutely love wearing them.

  12. Nikki

    I just bought my son headgear from danmar warrior at the wrestling tournament today. It was fast,friendly and reasonably priced. They didn’t have the correct ear piece for the other side so it will be sent to me later. He changed the other side with a different color to make sure he gets it. I will go back and get a custom one for him and my high school wrestler wants one too!! Thanks.. Awesome Job!!

  13. Cynde Mattin

    I asked Danmar for help creating a custom headgear for a young boy who is deaf and has a cochlear implant. He is 7 and could not hear his coaches or the refs when wrestling because he had to remove the Cochlear external devise. CEO Karen Lindor jumped at the chance to help this young wrestler. Her team created a special headgear fitted just for him that allows him to wear the external piece and he now hears when he is wrestling!
    I had reached out to several “well known and large wrestling companies” who couldn’t bother to even reply to my repeated email requests.
    One email to Danmar was all it took to get started on this special project and the whole process took less than 6 weeks. You are true Wrestling Warriors! Karen and the Danmar Team were so helpful, I loved working with them.
    Thank you!


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