Build Your Own Custom Wrestling Headgear

WHY DANMAR WARRIORS WIN   • YOU Build Your Own Custom Wrestling Headgear–the way YOU want it. • Patented Headgear Hearing Technology for YOU to hear better.No other headgear has this hearing capability built in. .• Authentically Made In America for wrestlers of all ages.Highest quality headgear for safety, hearing and durability (one year Warranty) • In full Compliance with National Federation of High School (NFHS) rules. • Logos are NOT stickers, each headgear is made with YOUR art work embedded into the product. This means no cracking, peeling, or missing logos.

All of our Danmar Warrior wrestling headgear, and Warrior Half Mask comply with NFHS and High School rules.



Gear up like a true warrior.

All of our products are Made in America —and battle tested

Danmar Warrior Wrestling Headgear | Made in the USA for 50 Years!

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