Warrior Bi-Color Headguard


Instructions NOTE: Image must fit inside earpad | for straps color only no text
  1. Select Each Component from ‘Layers’ Menu
  2. Choose a color for each left & right ear pad: A, B, C and D
  3. Choose a color for each strap 1 – 5: top, top front, middle rear, lower and chin
  4. Select Chin Cup Option ( Add to Cart Button will then appear solid )

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It’s that simple!

Bi-Color Headgear is a unique way of displaying your teams colors. The combination is up to you!

Create your very own custom logo wrestling headgear. Order for a team or individual. There are no minimums or hidden setup art fees. Patent Pending.

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A unique headgear that gives the option of both colors on one ear pad. The outer foam cover will be the front color and the 2nd color will be the back color. Our headgear is designed to protect the wearer’s ears and prepare the warrior for any advanced battle and offers our 4-strap design for the perfect fit. This new-patented technology can only be found in Danmar Warrior products, which are specially designed and handcrafted in the USA. Dimensions: Height: 6” Width: 5 ¼” Our headgear complies with both NFHS and MYWA rules. Patent Pending. 60-DAY MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY MUST OPEN IMMEDIATELY AND CONTACT US WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RECEIPT TO QUALIFY.

So Many Choices!


White Vinyl Cup, Black Rubber Chin Cup, Black Throat Pad, White Throat Pad